Couple provide a flower display that’s full of flavour

Sushma Windsor has edible flower display at Hampton Court flower show.
Sushma Windsor has edible flower display at Hampton Court flower show.

A husband and wife who run a flower company in Billingshurst have had a taste of fame as their edible flowers are showcased in Hampton Court.

Billingshurst flower company Lettuce Flowers are providing living floral arrangements for an exhibit at the Hampton Court Flower show this week.

The company, owned by husband and wife team Dominic and Sushma Windsor, have dressed a solar-powered greenhouse with their edible gifts and plants.

Sushma explained: “We’re very proud to be at Hampton Court Flower Show and think our displays will show the solar powered greenhouse to its best advantage.”

The solar powered greenhouse has been developed by New Horizons Solar as an alternative to solar panels on roofs of homes - which some people find unsightly - and can meet almost half of the home’s energy needs.

“We’re excited to bring together two sustainable businesses to create a truly green display.

“Lettuce Flowers combines my love of plants with my love of cooking.

“Our floral arrangements all contain an edible element. In the past, customers have incorporated this into the food they are serving.”

The idea for Lettuce Flowers came from feedback Sushma received at her own wedding, where she used living wildflower plants as her table centrepieces and edible flowers in the food.

The displays were so popular that Sushma and Dominic – a professional gardener – started providing living arrangements for weddings and events across Sussex.

Using five local nurseries as their suppliers, Lettuce Flowers uses native wildflowers, edible flowers, herbs and salads to create beautiful arrangements grown without chemicals.

Sushma works with event planners to tailor displays to the menu and works with chefs so that the food and flowers truly complement each other.