County council’s pothole response an ‘absolute disgrace’

Pothole crew working in Horsham town centre.
Pothole crew working in Horsham town centre.

The county council’s response to an inquiry on the state of Horsham’s roads was branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ last night.

At a North Horsham Parish Council planning meeting on Thursday August 8, an email from West Sussex County Council on the state of some of the roads in the parish was read out.

It said that Balfour Beatty was contracted to repair 35,000 defects a year, and re-surfacing of Lambs Farm Road was on the scheduled works programme for 2014/15.

Parish councillor Mike Brakes said: “I think that’s an absolute disgrace and I think the residents of Lambs Farm Road will think so.”

David Searle, a fellow councillor, added: “Their response is about repairing potholes. We were talking about the longevity.”

Chairman of the planning committee Ray Turner said: “We are all frustrated.”