County cash to help with broadband

WEST Sussex County Council has been awarded £6.26 million towards improving broadband connections in the county.

The funding is part of £530 million earmarked by the Government to improve the broadband network.

County Council Deputy Leader Lionel Barnard, who has responsibility for broadband, said: “West Sussex County Council has been doing a lot of work with internet service providers and we are committed to the need to improve broadband in West Sussex.

“A good broadband connection is vital for businesses, many of which are home-based. We need to ensure this happens to encourage business development in West Sussex.”

Leader of the Council Louise Goldsmith said: “Our aim is to ensure everyone in the county, residents and businesses, have access to a fast broadband connection. The funding will help us to achieve this goal.”

The County Council has been lobbying internet service providers to help get faster broadband in West Sussex. Despite a range of technologies available, there are many parts of West Sussex where it’s not possible to get a usable broadband connection, especially in the rural areas.