Councillor sounds alarm over vandalism after wing mirror ‘kicked off’ her car

Cllr Belinda Walters with her damaged car
Cllr Belinda Walters with her damaged car

A DISTRICT councillor wants to raise awareness of street vandalism in Horsham after the wing mirror was ‘kicked off’ her car.

Belinda Walters (LDem, Holbrook West) said she would urge anyone to report even small acts of vandalism to police to prevent more people being victims. Her car was damaged while parked on Bishopric.

She said: “I parked my car on Saturday evening at about 6pm and returned to it on Sunday morning at about 11.40am to find the wing mirror housing hanging off by the wires.

“I reported it to the police and will have a incident number. From what I have seen, there are CCTV cameras at the traffic lights on the junction of Worthing Road and the Bishopric, and while these cameras may well have recorded the perpetrators, they are unlikely to have recorded them causing the damage as the road bends slightly to the left.

“It’s near the Tanfield Garage site. They must have kicked it. It’s going to cost about £250 to have it fixed.

“I just want people to be aware this could happen to them.

“The key points I would like to make are that people who are having a lark are OK so long as they don’t cause any criminal damage.

“Also that anyone who experiences damage to their vehicles or property should always report it to the police so the police can build a picture and put in measures to catch the perpetrators.”

If anyone saw what happened or knows anything about the incident, they should call Sussex Police on 0845 6070 999.