Council will find housing in event of extreme weather

Housing will be found by Horsham District Council (HDC) for anyone whose home is badly affected by severe weather, the local authority has said in the lead up to strong winds and rain forecasted for Monday (October 28).

Friday, 25th October 2013, 3:45 pm
Stormy weather.

The Met Office recently issued an Amber Warning.

HDC say its Severe Weather Plan for gales and high winds, as well as other extreme weather conditions, is ready to be put into place if needed.

The council’s website and its Facebook page will also be regularly updated with information for the public in the event of severe weather.

During severe weather, HDC’s main responsibilities include: Finding housing for anyone in housing need; Household refuse and recycling collections; Ensuring the safety of buildings and structures; Clearing of snow, ice or debris in priority public areas owned by the district council; Assistance to other agencies and; Maintaining HDC’s services.

In the event of a major gale, considerable damage to trees can be expected, the local authority has warned.

A spokesperson for HDC said: “In the light of the recent warnings issued by the Meteorological Office, the following advice is provided to assist with those who experience tree loss or associated damage: Trees on residents’ own land remain their own responsibility. Most trees are not subject to legal restrictions and hence these can be dealt with without contacting the council.

“Trees on verges and those adjoining the highway are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council, which should be contacted on 01903 642105.

“HDC has an emergency strategy in place for dealing with its own tree stock. Should anyone find an issue with a tree on land owned by Horsham District Council, please contact the Council’s Leisure Services team on 01403 215291.

“Trees within Conservation Areas, and those subject to Tree Preservation Orders, cannot be removed or lopped without HDC’s consent, and in such cases residents should therefore contact the Council’s emergency tree line on 01403 215515 prior to carrying out any remedial works. Please be aware that the removal of protected trees without the necessary authorisation, even following a major storm event, may represent an offence.”

Further information about severe weather planning is available by emailing [email protected] or calling HDC on 01403 215125.