Council tax breakdown for all parishes in the Horsham District Council area

Council tax bills have been thudding on residents’ doormats across the Horsham district – but some are receiving demands hundreds of pounds more than others, even in similarly rated bands.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:31 pm

The difference is because of the precepts made by the different parish councils. Some elements of the tax are the same, with Horsham District Council’s demands added to those of the police, and West Sussex County Council. Those totals are the same for wherever residents live in the Horsham district. Parish councils have the power to provide a varying number of services, and these can include control of litter and provision of public toilets. Here is the full list of the benchmark Band D council tax bills for all the parishes in the Horsham district. Some readers live in the Chichester district so can look at their parish comparisons on this story - Council tax breakdown for all parishes in Chichester District Council area

Amberley - Band D tax 1,790.21. Photo: Google Maps.
Ashington - Band D tax 1,811.72. Photo: Google Maps.
Ashurst - Band D tax 1,800.38. Photo: Google Maps.
Billingshurst - Band D tax 1,807.80. Photo: Google Maps.
Bramber - Band D tax 1,776.58. Photo: Google Maps.
Broadbridge Heath - Band D tax 1,774.07. Photo: Google Maps.
Coldwaltham - Band D tax 1,756.76. Photo: Google Maps.
Colgate - Band D tax 1,738.89. Photo: Google Maps.
Cowfold - Band D tax 1,797.16. Photo: Google Maps.
Henfield - Band D tax 1,810.50. Photo: Google Maps.
Horsham Town Special Charge - Band D tax 1,748.47. Photo: Google Maps.
Itchingfield - Band D tax 1,807.50. Photo: Google Maps.
Lower Beeding - Band D tax 1,789.67. Photo: Google Maps.
North Horsham - Band D tax 1,760.66. Photo: Google Maps.
Nuthurst - Band D tax 1,766.56. Photo: Google Maps.
Parham - Band D tax 1,761.84. Photo: Google Maps.
Pulborough - Band D tax 1,807.71. Photo: Google Maps.
Rudgwick - Band D tax 1,792.52. Photo: Google Maps.
Rusper - Band D tax 1,758.58. Photo: Google Maps.
Shermanbury - Band D tax 1,799.39. Photo: Google Maps.
Shipley - Band D tax 1,773.66. Photo: Google Maps
Slinfold - Band D tax 1,786.19. Photo: Google Maps.
Southwater - Band D tax 1,867.06. Photo: Google Maps.
Steyning - Band D tax 1,822.28. Photo: Google Maps.
Storrington and Sullington - Band D tax 1,793.23. Photo: Google Maps.
Thakeham - Band D tax 1,781.03. Photo: Google Maps.
Upper Beeding - Band D tax 1,843.29. Photo: Google Maps.
Warnham - Band D tax 1,797.00. Photo: Google Maps.
West Chiltington - Band D tax 1,786.51. Photo: Google Maps.
West Grinstead - Band D tax 1,776.13. Photo: Google Maps.
Wiston - Band D tax 1,761.49. Photo: Google Maps.
Woodmancote - Band D tax 1,754.83. Photo: Google Maps.