Council show support for hedgehogs

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Southwater Parish Council has been taking part in Hedgehog Awareness Week.

Using materials from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) staff have made a display in the main foyer of Beeson House.

Staff have also provided colouring sheets and information for children. Staff were delighted when a hedgehog moved in – we think he will be staying put while the information is here and so far he’s been a ‘model’ visitor.

We have been delighted by the attention the display has received, and that we now are aware of some thriving hedgehog families in our Parish (or an array of hedgehogs to use the correct collective noun).

However Southwater Parish Council is concerned that hedgehog numbers in the Parish are falling. Earlier this year, in its Parish News letter, Southwater Parish Council publicised the rate of decline in the national hedgehog population. Supporting Hedgehog Awareness Week, and informing residents of how they can help our hedgehogs, is one more way that this parish council can help stop the decline.

The Parish Council will be using strimmer stickers from the BHPS on its gardening equipment and will be reminding staff to check before they strim anywhere on Parish land.

The Parish Council has also recently planted additional wildlife trees, provided by the Woodland Trust on its land.

With so much woodland and hedging we hope that, with the support of our residents, we can work to ensure that hedgehogs have a safe home in Southwater.

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