Controversial poll to decide on Steyning skate park


A parish poll is to be held on Wednesday November 27 in Steyning.

Residents in the Steyning Parish, who are already on the electoral register, will be able to vote on the following question: “Do you want Steyning Parish Council to provide a skatepark in the Memorial Playing Field, incorporating the existing asphalt strip, located near the Rublees Allotments boundary?”

Please note that residents eligible to vote in this poll must vote in person at The Steyning Centre in Steyning and that no postal votes or proxy (allowing someone to vote on their behalf) votes are available.

There will also be no poll cards.

The polling hours will run from 4pm to 9pm on Wednesday November 27 and the poll results will be declared by midnight on polling day.

A copy of the result will be posted on the count venue door, which will be The Steyning Centre, and on the Council’s website (

Steyning Parish Council will be informed of the result and it is up to the Parish Council whether to act upon this result.

For more information on the poll, please contact Horsham District Council on 01403 215126 or email