Contemporary arts thriving in Horsham

THE Contemporary Arts Group, part of Horsham District Arts, is to hold its first forum for local artists and associations this month.

All the Horsham District’s art associations and smaller groups are invited.

Also invited are individual practicing artists, makers and those working in the applied arts. The Contemporary Art Group has a number of short term projects aimed at stimulating interest in the arts from the general public and developing potential sponsors for art projects.

Roy Worskett, chairman of the Horsham District Arts Contemporary Art group, said: “The primary purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for local groups and individuals to contribute ideas and highlight where improvements could be made in the local provision for art.

“My group are particularly conscious of the importance of encouraging students involved in art.”

Horsham District Arts, whilst independent of Horsham District Council, operates in close association with the council and its staff.

Together with the council, the Contemporary Arts Group sees the opportunity to help raise standards encouraging support for local artists, groups and businesses.

Supporting art in the community, it is hoped, will ultimately help attract visitors to the district.

Horsham Museum for example is already engaged in this work through its Art Gallery and programme of exhibitions.

The council is particularly concerned to link not only contemporary art but cultural and heritage interests to economic development in both town and district.

The various groups, representing expertise in these areas, make up the Horsham District Arts, and are working closely with them to achieve these aims.

Horsham District Arts Contemporary Art Group’s first meeting will be held in the studio at the Capitol, North Street, Horsham, at 6pm on Wednesday May 25.

Please telephone 01403 254208 if you wish to attend.