Concern over salt grit supplies as cold weather approaches

Storm clouds
Storm clouds

West Sussex County Council has sought to assure people that there is enough salt for this winter’s roads after concerns were raised by parish councils.

At the Community Resilience Forum last month, Southwater Parish Council was among those with concern about deliveries of large salt bags being lower than in previous years. Clerk Cathy Tobin said the county council said they would get four instead of 20.

A WSCC spokesman said the council had sufficient stocks of salt and grit.

“This year’s Winter Service has changed very little from previous ones, apart from the distribution of bulk bags of salt/grit to rural areas so they are better prepared.

“Learning from experience during the last few difficult winters, it was our intention that rural parishes would forge links with local farmers so the bulk bags could be stored in a sensible location (preferably at the farmer’s yard), so farmers can distribute as and when necessary.

“This ensures the salt is in the right place at the right time, particularly helpful in the event of snow. As in previous years the county council will deliver bulk bags of salt/grit with the same numbers of bags being distributed.

“If prolonged snow conditions return this winter the County Council will still deliver bulk bags to rural areas if need be, but hopefully the parishes will already have enough stock to distribute.”

He added: “Salt bins will be filled up in October/November and refilled when resources permit.

“Advanced Bulk Bag drops will take place in October/November as per last year.

“After reviewing feedback from previous years snow events, parishes that don’t presently have arrangements with local farmers to store bulk bags are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to meet this year’s delivery date.

“This is because it is not always possible to deliver bulk bags during spells of adverse weather.”