Concern at no late-night Olympic train for Horsham


Readers have contacted the County Times complaining that timetabling changes to trains have not made it any easier for spectators travelling to London for the Olympic Games from Horsham.

While 300,000 extra seats have been laid on by Southern Rail for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the extra late night services terminate at Three Bridges.

The last train from London Victoria to Horsham still leaves the station at 11:47pm, too early for those watching late-evening events.

Extra services were calculated by using the postcodes of ticket holders.

A spokesperson for Southern Rail said: “As much as we would like to cater for all routes, we only have finite amounts of trains and train crews, so we have to provide as many additional services as we can to cater for the maximum amount of people.

“Terminating at Three Bridges does mean that passengers from Horsham would need to make their way to either Three Bridges or Gatwick, by car, taxi or bus, but by terminating at Three Bridges we can ensure that there are enough late trains to get everyone somewhere central.”

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