Community Awards: The search is on for your community heroes

The Community Awards 2016 winners and sponsors gather on The Capitol Horsham stage
The Community Awards 2016 winners and sponsors gather on The Capitol Horsham stage

The search is on for your community heroes as we continue our search for nominees this year’s fantastic West Sussex County Times Community Awards.

We are asking our amazing readers to nominate the people who they think deserve one of our fantastic awards which really highlight the important role they play in the community. There are a number of categories in which readers can put forward their nominations including best volunteer, charity of the year and school star.

Once all of the nominations are in the County Times will publish the shortlist from which our readers can choose the winners. These will then be revealed at a fantastic ceremony held at the Capitol Theatre on November 7 hosted by Vicky Edwards.

Editor-in-chief Gary Shipton said: “There are so many fantastic people and organisations who work hard and really are the heart of our community. “

We are so proud of our community awards. They really are the perfect opportunity for these people to receive our thanks and be properly recognised.”

The range of categories in which readers can nominate cover a wide range including sports, charities, animals and voluntary work. There is also a special category to recognise the efforts put in by public sector and one for a person who is simply an inspiration to those who are around them.

Mr Shipton said: “Anyone who has had the pleasure of coming along to one of our previous community awards knows just what an inspirational evening it is.

“Filled with tales of selfless and committed people who dedicate their time and energy to others, or those who have gone above and beyond, it really is a fantastic event.

“I would urge all of our magnificent readers to get in touch with us and let us know who they think deserves recognition this year.

“I very much look forward to again hearing all of the magnificent stories and reasons behind your nominations. These are your community heroes so make sure they are nominated.”

To nominate someone email


Sponsored by UK Power Networks

So many people give up their time for others to ensure that organisations can continue to operate, or pass on their skills and talents on to others.


Teacher, support workers, parent helpers, dinner ladies, caretakers, school crossing patrols...... do you know anyone without whom your school would be a much poorer place.


Sponsored by Places for People

Do you know a sports coach, team or individual who have performed beyond expectations, shown commitment and determination, provided an inclusive environment or acted as role models.


Sponsored by Guy Leonard

Whether it be one amazing act of kindness or years and hard work and dedication, this award is for those who need to have their efforts recognised.


Helping those creatures who cannot help themselves, there is a dedicated army of animal lovers out there who care for our furry friends.


Sponsored by Capitol Theatre

Playing an ever-increasing role in society, charities are vital so we want to celebrate their hard work.


Sponsored by Ringway

Running children’s groups, fun days, fetes, free concerts and flower shows.... Without these community organisations our communities would be a duller place.


Whatever it is that has inspired them, an army of fundraisers has made a huge difference in our communities with the money they have raised.


The health service is often described as the jewel in our crown. There are so many individuals and teams whose efforts make a real difference to the lives of the patients they treat and support.


A stalwart of the community or someone who has made a real difference to an individual’s life? This award is for those who really has been someone’s hero.


We all know we need to take care of our local environment. Do you know someone whose green efforts deserve to be recognised?


Sponsored by Horsham District Council

There are so many people who serving the community in the public sector. This award is for those people who put people and the community at the heart of all they do.


Sponsored by The West Sussex County Times

Chosen by the County Times, this award recognises the special achievements or effort by an individual or a group.