Community Awards incorporate those who care for our pets

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A brand new Community Award is available to win this year for any member of the community who cares for pets.

With 16 categories of awards, almost anyone is elligible for a West Sussex County Times Community Award, but this year the versitility of the awards has been expanded with the incorporation of a ‘Care for Pets Award’.

The award isn’t necessarily aimed at vets. It’s for anyone who might have rescued an animal; works or fundraises for an animal shelter; brings animals into hospitals and care homes; works as a veterinary surgeon ; works in a veterinary practice; works or helps with the RSPCA or PDSA; is a dog walker; or trains guide dogs for the Blind Association.

The list is endless andthat’s why the category was introduced.

Nominations are welcome for individuals, groups of people, organisations or businesses.

So if you know someone who looks after animals for your community and you think they deserve some praise, nominate them by filling in the form below and returning to the address provided.

The unique thing about these awards is that they pay tribute to all those who never receive praise for the good things they do, such as the person next door who looked after your pet when you were unwell or away or a fire officer who rescued an animal in danger.

More than 20 passionate individuals, committed community groups and organisations were recognised at last year’s awards - all of whom were nominated by the readership of the County Times.

Nominations are now sought for all the categories of award in this year’s event.

Categories are as diverse as; Outstanding Teacher; Best Healthworker; Volunteer of the Year; and the 999 Award which recognises members of the emergency services.

Those who make nominations which are shortlisted will receive complimentary tickets to the emotional and heartwarming ceremony, held in association with Horsham District Council at the Capitol on November 20.

To nominate someone for an award simply fill out a form below and write on a second piece of paper, your reasoning for why this person deserves the award.

Once the ind words are written, send the form and the piece of paper to our offices.

Alternatively, you can nominate via email by emailing