COMMENT: Being ‘loyal to local’ should be rewarded

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Our comment
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I was in Milton Keynes to meet family at the cinema earlier this month. They have different zones depending on how close you are to the shopping and leisure facilities.

When I knew we were driving, I remembered with dread going Christmas shopping and searching for a car parking space and then paying the highest charge.

This time though we were right outside the cinema - a well known chain unlike Horsham’s Capitol theatre.

We paid and displayed, but it was a nice surprise when the price of the parking was subtracted from the cost of the cinema ticket - like a thank you for using local facilities.

But Milton Keynes is the shopping capital of the South Midlands. It doesn’t need to fight for visitors.

Horsham on the other hand has many competing towns. What’s more, they offer free parking for cinema and theatregoers. Crawley and Brighton, for example offer free parking for the cinema and Crawley has free parking for theatregoers.

From the public comment I’ve seen, Horsham District Council could gain a lot of respect from the public by rewarding visitors to the Capitol in a similar way. It may attract more people in which case everyone wins.

By Anna Coe @WSCT_Anna,, 01403 751206