Collyer’s teams tackle homophobia by joining Rainbow Lace campaign

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Collyer’s sport teams have been actively supporting the national Rainbow Laces Stonewall campaign.

As part of this, a number of national sporting personalities, including players from Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool football clubs have been wearing rainbow laces this week, to show their support.

Collyer’s students and staff were keen to get involved in the campaign to help rid sport of LGBT discrimination.

Head of Collyer’s Sport Academy, John Burroughs said: “The rainbow laces show of unity against homophobia is an important message and it is fantastic that Collyer’s can join forces with many top athletes and coaches in the game in actively trying to kick homophobia out of sport.”

The Rainbow Laces campaign was launched by LGBT equality charity Stonewall in 2013.

Collyer’s teams wore rainbow laces as part of a campaign to help show that the sport in the UK supports lesbian, gay and bisexual players and fans.

Leading the way in the Collyer’s campaign was the college’s team of the year for 2016, the Women’s Netball side and during this week’s home and away fixtures, the captains and teachers of Collyer’s sports teams replaced their usual laces with rainbow ones, in support of the campaign.

Collyer’s Principal Sally Bromley said: “This is an important campaign and I’m delighted that our athletes and coaches have been so keen to show their support by wearing rainbow laces. The Collyer’s LGBT ‘id’ group have been hugely encouraged by the Stonewall charity and so it is fitting that we join forces with other schools and colleges from across the country to support them.”

Captain of the women’s football team, Georgina Baker, wore rainbow laces in Collyer’s home match against their Brighton rivals BHASVIC.

Georgina said: “I think the message is really positive, and it is helping people to feel more accepted and more comfortable in their own skin.”