Collyer’s students visit Berlin

Collyer's students and teachers in Berlin. Picture submitted
Collyer's students and teachers in Berlin. Picture submitted
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Collyer’s A-level German students have just returned from an exciting visit to Berlin. During a 4 day stay the group visited the Checkpoint Charlie, DDR and Jewish museums.

The trip enabled the learners to get a better understanding of the lives of the former East German people, as at A2 they are studying the 2006 Academy Award Winning film, ‘The lives of the others’, which depicts the monitoring of East Berlin by agents of the Stasi secret police.

Katja Welton, who teaches German at Collyer’s and co-ordinated the trip, said: “At the Checkpoint Charlie museum the students were able to read about the brave and ingenious attempts to escape, which we found fascinating and moving.

“At the DDR museum we had a lovely tour guide, who having married an East German man, was able to vividly bring to life first-hand stories from the time”.

Students were also given the opportunity to visit the re-built Reichstag and enter the Dome, designed by Englishman, Norman Foster. Here the group were able to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Berlin cityscape.

Paul Clarke, Additional Needs Co-ordinator at Collyer’s, thoroughly enjoyed the visit: “The trip to Berlin was very worthwhile and the students have definitely gained from this wonderful experience.

“Huge thanks must go to Katja for her superb knowledge and brilliant organisation, which provided us with such a great educational opportunity!”