Collyer’s maths day adds up to fun for student

Collyer's students at the university
Collyer's students at the university

Collyer’s double mathematicians spent the day at the University of Sussex to get a feel for studying maths at university.

The group enjoyed a computer lab session, which looked at network theory and the mathematics behind Google. The students also attended a taster lecture on chaos theory and more.

Sam Clarke, double mathematics coordinator at Collyer’s, said: “We organised the trip as a reward for our double mathematicians, who have worked so hard preparing for their A-level exams this summer.

“We know a number of the students were considering mathematics at university – hopefully we caught the attention of a few more!”

Hannah Page, the head of mathematics at Collyer’s, was delighted. She added: “It was a brilliant trip.

“Big thanks go to Sam Clarke and to the staff at the University of Sussex for organising such an engaging and inspiring day.

“I loved seeing how Google improves its search efficiency and reminding myself of some of the other amazing areas of mathematics not covered in the syllabus.”

Collyer’s head of faculty for science and mathematics, Dr Rob Hussey said: “We have an outstanding mathematics department here at Collyer’s and I’m thrilled that we are forging close links with superb higher education providers like the University of Sussex.”