Collyer’s cook up new way to learn Spanish

Collyer's adult education students make tortillas SUS-150615-153408001
Collyer's adult education students make tortillas SUS-150615-153408001

Last week, Advanced level Spanish students from the Adult Education at Collyer’s swapped their books and pens for a frying pan and potato peeler!

Spanish teacher Milagros Herguedas explained: “Learning Spanish or any foreign language is not only about the language, but also learning about the culture and traditions. There really is nothing more traditional than a potato omelette or tortilla, so we decided it would be a good idea to get cooking! In Spain you will find them as tapas or as filling in a baguette and it is essential in a picnic as you can eat it warm or cold.”

During the last Thursday session of their 30 week course, the students got hands on experience with Milagros in the kitchen: peeling and chopping potatoes and onions, egg beating and at the most crucial moment…the “turning” of the tortilla!

Milagros was delighted with the results: “It was an extremely fun part of the lesson and I was really pleased with how the students really threw themselves into it. After an excellent team effort, they produced two extremely delicious tortillas, certainly fit to grace any Spanish dinner table!”

Assistant Principal Melanie Russell said: “What a creative way to learn about Spanish culture! I must make sure I’m invited along if Milagros runs this particular practical exercise next year!”

Report and picture contributed by Collyer’s.