Collyer’s College China trip

Collyer's students in China.
Collyer's students in China.

Collyer’s Students of Politics and History have just returned from an exciting trip to China.

The group visited unique historical sites, stunning countryside, and experienced a capitalist economy within a communist regime.

Collyer's students in China.

Collyer's students in China.

History students study a China module as part of their History AS course and Politics students study Communism within their A2 course.

Subject Leader for Politics, George Lear, was delighted with the trip: “The students responded to the different cultures impressively and there was a real sense of achievement when a group reach the tallest point on the Great Wall”.

Within a packed itinerary, students visited historic and political sites such as the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum in Tiananmen Square and the ‘Birds Nest’ Olympic Stadium.

Student Emily Gardiner said: “I was struck by the differences in China which demonstrated the effects of people of living under a communist regime”.

Collyer's students in China.

Collyer's students in China.

George Lear added: “The highlights of the trip were the exhilarating climb of the Great Wall of China at the incredibly steep Juyongguan section, and haggling for a bargain in the Silk Alley market.

The students also had plenty of opportunities to savour traditional Chinese cuisine and other cultural experiences. Everyone undoubtedly returned with a new awareness of life in a communist country!”

Picture 1: Tiananmen Square (from left) Jess Sired, Joe Emson, Emily Gardiner, Charlotte Young, Katie Woodland, Phoebe Verbeeten and Katie Urquhart.

Picture 2: The Forbidden City (from left) Laura Turnbull, Lily Bray, Ben Balla-Muir, Chris Blake, Matthew Hempstead, Daniel Griffiths, Murat Nisangah

Picture 3: The Forbidden City (from left) Emma Smith, Amy Harris and Rosie Curran

Article contributed by The College of Richard Collyer.

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