Colgate Parish Council news

There is a new parish clerk at Colgate Parish Council who started on May 14.

There were two planning applications considered during in June, one being the replacement windows at a listed building and the other a removal of beech trees that are considered dangerous. The parish council had no objections to either of these applications.

During the summer holidays the new School Safety Zone will be installed in Forest Road and Blackhouse Road. It is hoped that it will raise drivers’ awareness of the location of Colgate school and its pupils during drop off and pick up times, increasing the safety of pupils and their parents on their route to school.

To help make this scheme more effective, it is important that local residents adhere to the speed limits through the village, as it helps reduce the speed of ‘visitor’ drivers driving through the village.

West Sussex County Council have been advised of potholes on Grouse Road and the breakdown of the road surface in Blackhouse Road. A loose cover on a lamp post on Forest Road has also been reported along with drainage problems on Blackhouse Road.

Horsham District Council is advised about any rubbish that is dumped in the parish ,and this is always dealt with and removed very quickly. Care should also be taken when walking near Ash Copse as glass has been fly-tipped in this area, which has been reported to Horsham as a matter of urgency. If you have any similar concerns please contact the clerk.

Sadly we were advised by Councillor Hodgson that Colgate would be losing its bus service due to the removal of the subsidy. It was explained that the bus route was not viable to run any more due to the lack of use.

If anyone is interested, the next parish meeting is on September 10 at Faygate Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Article contributed by Colgate Parish Council.