Cigarette recycling bins installed in Horsham town centre

One of the new cigarette recycling bins in Horsham town centre
One of the new cigarette recycling bins in Horsham town centre

New bins which recycle cigarettes have been installed in Horsham town centre.

Horsham District Council is now collecting cigarette waste as part of the TerraCycle cigarette recycling scheme.

The programme’s aim is to transform cigarette waste in the UK into something which can be recycled and make it easier for people to recycle when they are outdoors.

Cabinet member for environment, recycling and waste councillor Philip Circus said: “The residents of Horsham District do a tremendous job recycling their rubbish and in recent times we have seen a significant decrease in the amount of material going to incineration.

“By extending the opportunity for people to recycle new materials like cigarette waste and enabling them to recycle easily when they are out and about in the town, we hope to boost our already excellent recycling efforts.”

All cigarette waste is accepted in the new cigarette bins, apart from cardboard boxes which can be recycled in the town’s recycling bins or taken home and placed in domestic recycling bins.

The cigarette waste will be processed and transformed into a variety of products; cigarettes are put through a shredding and agitation process to eliminate any remaining tobacco and paper, which will be composted.

The remaining filter materials will be washed to decontaminate the material and turned into a rigid plastic form, which is then reduced into a powder that can be used to manufacture commercial products such as composite decking. Nothing will go to landfill.