Christ’s Hospital students excels in chemistry challenge

A Year 12 pupil at Christ’s Hospital has excelled in the 2012 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

Luke Stevens was one of 4296 students who entered this year’s competition and achieved the highest award, the Roentgenium, which has placed him in the top one per cent of those who entered the competition.

To recognise this outstanding achievement Cambridge University have invited Luke to take part in an all-expenses paid, three day chemistry camp at the University during August.

The course will give Luke a tremendous opportunity to meet other first-rate students and to hone in on his chemistry skills.

Marcus Medley, head of Chemistry at Christ’s Hospital, said: “This is an impressive accomplishment and fantastic news, Christ’s Hospital is thrilled Luke’s result in the Challenge was so good that Cambridge have in invited him as part of a select few in the country to enjoy an all-expenses paid Chemistry workshop at Cambridge over the summer.”

Contributed by Christ’s Hospital School.