Christ’s Hospital pupils meet actor Damian Lewis

James and Jasmine with Damien Lewis. Picture submitted
James and Jasmine with Damien Lewis. Picture submitted

Following a ceremony in the City of London’s Guildhall, actor Damian Lewis took part in a question and answer session, for an invited audience which including two Christ’s Hospital Year 11 pupils.

James Trickey and Jasmine Pepler went to the event withalong with their Drama Teacher Caroline Kelley.

Jasmine and James comment on the day they met Damian Lewis: “The day had been eagerly anticipated by all three of us; the session began with a round of applause and as Damian Lewis began talking we learned about his life as an actor, which proved very interesting as he shared his opinions on acting, theatre and film with the audience.

“He spoke about his time in school and how his parents reluctantly allowed him to audition for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

“After being successful in his audition he went on to perform at several theatres before moving on to film and television.

“When the time came for the audience to ask questions, James was quick off the mark, hand straight up for the first question on how to perfect an accent.

“We learned throughout the questions that one of the most effective ways to create a character was to write an autobiography of that character and think about their current situation; his own favourite character being Hamlet.

“He explained how he fell in love with the lifestyle of theatre due to the pure romanticism of it.

“After the questions were over there was an immediate rush to grab a photo with the man himself.”

Following the day Caroline Kelley said: “Thank you so much to the City of London Corporation for inviting us to this special event.

“James and Jasmine had a brilliant day and were a pleasure to accompany to London.

“They asked Damian Lewis, brilliant questions and Damien was delighted by their uniform and enthusiasm!”

Pictured here is James and Jasmine with Damian Lewis.