Choking student saved by Horsham teenager

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A Horsham teenager has become an ‘inspiration’ after saving the life of a woman who was choking on a sweet.

Jason Long, aged 17, was waiting for a friend outside a classroom in Central Sussex College, Crawley, when he heard someone coughing and shouting for help.

The teen, who is trained as a St John Ambulance cadet, responded to the cries and quickly spotted a student chocking.

A teacher was attempting to dislodge a sweet which had blocked her airway by slapping her on the back.

Using his first aid knowledge of six years as a cadet, Jason took over from the teacher and gave the student one hard slap between her shoulders using the heel of his hand.

The force was thankfully enough to dislodge the sweet and she was able to breathe normally again.

Jason has since been praised for his quick thinking and sharp first aid skills.

Speaking of the incident Jason said: “It all happened really quickly but the training I’d received at St John Ambulance cadets kicked in and I just got on with it.

“Afterwards I felt a bit shocked but then was pleased that I’d been able to help.”

He stressed: “I think it’s important for everyone to know first aid as it really does save lives.”

The service hopes Jason’s story will inspire others to john the cadets and learn life-saving techniques. __

St John Ambulance cadet leader for Horsham Steve Strange said: “Each year up to 140,000 people die in situations where first aid could have saved them and Jason’s actions have prevented his classmate from becoming one of those people.

“Becoming a cadet not only teaches young people important first aid skills but also gives them the confidence to use them in a real situation and hopefully Jason’s story will inspire others to come along and join us.”

As a cadet Jason regularly gets to put his first aid skills to the test by attending local public events alongside the charity’s adult volunteers.

St John Ambulance cadets are aged between ten and 17 and meet weekly during school term times to learn a range of skills including communications, team working and, most importantly first aid.

For details about joining St John Ambulance Cadets in Horsham or in your local area visit or call 0303 003 0101.

Free first aid advice is available on the St John Ambulance website or advice can be downloaded for free for smart phones via the St John Ambulance first aid app.