Children fly high with special surprise

On Thursday, November 15, the children in Year 3 at Southwater Junior Academy had a special surprise when a hot air balloon came to visit the school.

The event had been kept a secret so that the children were not aware the balloon was coming, or that they would be getting a ride in the balloon.

The Year 3 children had been reading a book called ‘Miranda the Explorer’ about a girl who travels the world in a hot air balloon.

They had also been learning about how a hot air balloon works as part of their topic work.

Miss Gratton, a Year 3 teacher, said: “This has been an amazing event which we hope the children will remember forever. It has been really special, and brought the learning to life.”

The children really enjoyed their hot air balloon ride and many were desperate to go up again.

Emily. from 3CP, said: “I was kind of nervous when I got into the balloon, but it was really exciting because you got to go high in the air.

“When I got to the ground I wished I could go again.”

Oscar, from the same class, said: “It was a really good trip. When I looked down I could see the tops of the trees and everyone looked really small below me.”

The ballooning experience was run by South Downs Ballooning Ltd. who are based in Liphook in Hampshire.