Chemistry between music and physics


Children discovered how Physics and Music work together to create and change sound while visiting Christ’s Hospital on Friday June 15.

As part of Christ’s Hospital’s workshop programme for Year 5 children, over 70 children from schools across Sussex experimented with the creation of sound by rehearsing performances of well-known nursery rhymes in the Music School and worked out how sound can be changed in the Physics Lab.

At a presentation later in the day for parents and teachers, the children were able to compare performances of the same tunes with one being played on standard orchestral instruments and the other on an array of home-made instruments including hosepipes, glasses and cardboard boxes.

The grand finale was a science extravaganza when the new Head of Chemistry, Dr Marcus Medley, demonstrated how sounds and colours could be made using a variety of different chemical reactions.
Physics teacher Verity Dutton said: “The children worked tremendously hard.  Not only did they have to work together with groups of children they had only just met but also in unfamiliar surroundings – particularly the laboratory environment where they enjoyed playing with different sounds and viewing them on the oscilloscope.”  

Through Christ’s Hospital’s Workshops for Schools Programme, now in its third year, the School aims to share facilities and specialist teaching with other schools and provide a valuable and fun day for the children and visiting staff.

Contributed by Christ’s Hospital School