Chef Heston lands in hot water over phone blunder

Heston Blumenthal ENGSUS00120130412100637
Heston Blumenthal ENGSUS00120130412100637

Top chef Heston Blumenthal may have been left with a sour taste in his mouth after he mistakenly telephoned a Sussex man.

The renowned chef ‘pocket dialled ‘ Haywards Heath ski writer Arnie Wilson while Arnie was emailing friends seeking sponsorship for a two-day ski marathon.

Heston’s mobile accidentally called Arnie - with whom he has skied on a number of occasions. But Arnie was quick to take advantage of the mistaken call - by requesting a donation for the ski marathon as ‘punishment’.

“In fact I was happy to oblige,” said the chef, whose restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, has just regained three Michelin stars.

“Heston was generous,” said Arnie. “But maybe he’ll be more careful who he phones in future – even by mistake.”

However, Heston is not Arnie’s only celebrity sponsor - he is also being sponsored by former world champion F1 driver Damon Hill and thriller writer Peter James, with whom he has also skied on a number of occasions.