Charity haircut support ‘overwhelming’

Emma Dale
Emma Dale

SHE MIGHT be the self-confessed ‘vainest woman in West Sussex’ but Emma Dale is prepared to lose her long blonde hair in a bid to support her friend who is suffering from cancer.

Emma, of Emms Lane, Barns Green, is having her hair cut short - and possibly even shaved - at her local, the Queen’s Head, on November 19.

Also during the evening there will be a disco and auction.

Emma, a behavioural trainer of dogs, said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the support of villagers.

It all started when Julie Lambley, who she worked with in Guildford where they became ‘amazing friends’, rang her at the beginning of August with some bad news.

“I just knew what she was going to say,” said Emma. “She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she was diagnosed with lymph cancer.

“Julie had the hair that every girl dreams of but due to her intensive course of chemo she has lost all her hair.

“I thought the best way to show my support was to go through this with her by also cutting my hair off so that people look at us both rather than just her.

“I am very vain but this is something I just have to do. My hair is my pride and joy and I have spent a lot - maybe even too much - money on it.”

Emma mentioned in the pub chopping her hair off for charity.

“There were a couple of girls there who I’d never met and who have never met Julie as she lives in Guildford who said they would help me put it on Facebook and then I can’t describe how many people have helped,” she said.

“Everybody has been amazing, giving fabulous prizes for an auction and volunteering to help with the night. I’m overwhelmed.

“A single mum in the village stopped me to give me a £50 note, the DJ and auctioneer are helping for nothing, I’ve got prizes like a diamond ring, £300 tickets to the rugby and helicopter flights, everything you can think of.

“The group of girls that are the main contenders for helping above and beyond the call of duty with the fundraising - attending weekly meetings at my house, and having to suffer my cooking - are Gemma Underwood, Laura Honeybone, Julie Chzanowska, Hayley Tansey, Lauren Clark and Anita Burdfield, landlady of the Queen’s Head.”

At 7pm on November 19 at the Queen’s Head, Barns Green, there will be a disco with ‘DJ Fatboy not-so-slim’ and auction with professional auctioneer Alex Moss of prizes from helicopter rides to a ‘naked cleaner’ and a month’s supply of loo roll.

The grand chop will be at about 10pm and if Emma can raise extra cash she might even go for a headshave.

Her hair will not be wasted for it is going to a charity called Little Princess Trust which funds the creation of wigs for children who are losing their hair due to chemotherapy.

The money raised will be split between Macmillan Nurses and Cancer Research UK. Anyone who wishes to contribute but can’t attend on the night can go to