Changes for all premises licence holders

JPCT 130312 Park North, Hosham District Council office. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 130312 Park North, Hosham District Council office. Photo by Derek Martin
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EVERYONE holding a premises licence in the Horsham District is being made aware of some important changes to the law.

Premises where licences are needed include licensed clubs, pubs, restaurants and all other outlets that sell or supply alcohol as well as premises that provide regulated entertainment or supply late night refreshments as part of the business.

Horsham District Council is advising all premises licence holders across the district to ensure that they are aware of new changes to the Licensing Act 2003.

From Wednesday April 25, the Licensing Act 2003 has been amended and now requires the licensing authority - HDC - to suspend a premises licence or club premises certificate if the annual fee is not paid when it is due.

A premises licence or certificate that has been suspended prevents any licensable activities, including the retail sale on supply of alcohol, being carried out.

The licence will only be reinstated when the outstanding fee has been paid.

This change will enable the authority to act against premises licence holders who make late payments.

Businesses that are licence holders under the 2003 Act should be aware of these changes.

They should be aware of the incentive to pay licensing fees in a timely manner and save licensing authorities the time and cost of pursuing non payment.

This new measure will not impact on responsible businesses that pay their licence fees on time.

If any premises licence holder is concerned that these changes may affect their business or if they have any other questions, they should contact HDC’s licensing team on 01403 215402 or email

Contributed by Horsham District Council