Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure goes green

Readers' news
Readers' news

Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure Centre is one of the only public buildings in the country to have been awarded a rare ‘A Grade’ for being green.

The Centre’s recently installed Solar Voltaic System, which went live in March 2013, has already generated 33,868 kwh of electricity – almost three quarters of the annual target in just over seven months.

When rated for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), the inspector confirmed the building had officially boosted its energy performance – which is almost unheard of for a public building – making it one if the greenest leisure centres in the UK.

“Receiving an A rating for our energy performance following the installation of our solar panels means we really are one of a kind,” says Centre Manager, Jez Charlton.

“We wanted to take command of our energy usage and needs, not only to improve the environment for our customers but also to dramatically reduce Chanctonbury’s running costs, guaranteeing the longevity of this sports centre for future generations.”

Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure Centre, which is managed by the West Chanctonbury Recreation Association (WCRA) – a registered charity – in partnership with Impulse Leisure, is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

The solar panels have been installed as part of Impulse Leisure’s target to cut utility consumption by a minimum of 17% by 2014. The panels will be paid for entirely by the energy savings they create during the next six years.

Copy submitted by Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure