Cat escapes ‘long horrible’ death from rabbit trap

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An RSCPA worker is warning pet owners of the dangers of animal traps after her cat narrowly avoided a ‘long horrible’ death.

Katya Mira of Butler Road, Horsham, is thankful to have narrowly avoided a ‘heart wrenching’ ordeal after she came home on Tuesday evening (June 19) to find her cat with a wire trap around her neck.

“I came home from work and she had it wound round her neck,” Katya said. “It was really lucky she managed to escape because it was quite tight around her neck.

“If it had killed her I would never have known what had happened to her . That would have been heart-wrenching.

“They are designed to get tighter the more the animal moves so if she had struggled to get free she would have been killed which would have been really horrible.

“And not just that, it would have killed her in a really long horrible way.

“It’s a horrible feeling that they’re not safe in a residential area that I though was safe and it makes me feel unnerved.”

The RSPCA press officer wants to warn others of what happened to her black Moggy as their neighbours might be setting traps in their gardens.

“The traps are indiscriminate, they will catch any animal.

“There’s been cases where traps have been put in gardens to keep cats out just because they don’t like cats.

“There’s a limit to what you can do when you don’t know who’s done this. It’s hard to say why people would be so cruel.

“For me it’s beyond understanding. It’s a horrible way to treat an animal.”

Katya has asked anyone with any information to contact the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.