Care home residents help Brownies

Red Oaks Care Home residents support Henfield Brownies SUS-150206-153655001
Red Oaks Care Home residents support Henfield Brownies SUS-150206-153655001

Residents at Red Oaks Care Home in Henfield have presented the Henfield Brownie Group with ten camp beds as a thank you to the children for their regular visits to the home, helping the group acquire the 20 beds they need for summer camp.

The Henfield Brownie group have been visiting Red Oaks on average three times a year for more than ten years to sing and entertain the residents.

All they have ever asked for is some squash to drink and a few biscuits so this year the residents at Red Oaks Care Home decided they wanted to give the Brownies a gift.

When asked if there was anything that they needed, the Brownies said they were aiming to get 20 new camp beds in time for the summer and that help to achieve that goal would be wonderful. At a residents’ meeting it was decided to purchase ten camp beds to be paid for from the Residents’ Fund at a total cost of nearly £300.

It took a few weeks for the beds to arrive and then the residents were able to present the camp beds to the Henfield Brownies. The group now have a total of 20 camp beds for this summer.

Marjorie Kaye, who lives at Red Oaks Care Home said: “Buying the camp beds was the least we could do as the Brownies’ visits to see us are such a delight and we all love chatting with the children and listening to them sing.

“It was our pleasure to present them with a gift and I hope they all have a fantastic time at camp this summer!”

Report and picture contributed by Martin Knight.