Can you help this man find his shopping?

Patrick Kerans
Patrick Kerans

A pensioner has appealed to the County Times to help him find some food shopping he accidentally left in Horsham.

Patrick Kearns, 69, from Crawley, accidentally left two bags of groceries in Swan Walk car park, and when he returned the bags had been removed.

Mr Kearns saw his shopping on Facebook on a post by a member of the public attempting to find its rightful owner.

But after making contact with the resident, Mr Kearns did not receive a response and is still unable to locate his shopping.

He said: “My wife is disabled and we are both well over 60, and it was a lot of food.

“I admit I am the one that left it there but surely someone who is good enough to say they have found it would let us know who they are.”

Mr Kearns has the receipts for the groceries.

Have you seen the shopping? Please contact Swan Walk if you can help.