Call to slash the speed limit on Horsham ‘rat run’

A Horsham worker is calling on road chiefs to slash the speed limit on the ‘rat run’ outside her home.

Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 11:43 am

Janice Smith, the assistant manager of the town’s Cancer Research UK store, is urging drivers to slow down on the sharp bend on Two Mile Ash road outside her house in Tower Hill.

She said the road, which has a 60mph speed limit, should be reduced to ‘30 or 40’.

Janice spoke out after she was left in ‘floods of tears’ following a near miss which ‘ruined her day’.

Janice Smith - Tower Hill road danger. Janice has to leave the only exit from her property and his just over a foot of space before she's on the blind bend of a busy road, where alot of cars travel too fast. Pic Steve Robards SR23121901 SUS-191223-162832001

She said: “I have lived here ten years. In the last two it’s got absolutely crazy.

“I don’t wish to be killed. I just want to be able to cross safely.

“I have got a right to have that living in my house.”

The council won’t put any signage up to avoid ‘sign overload’, according to Janice.

She added: “There’s no way I can do anything to make it safer.

“I need to get the traffic to slow down and be aware.

“It’s making me very anxious.

Janice said police had advised her to take down the number plates of cars she felt were driving too fast.

But she said this tactic has caused her to suffer verbal abuse.

Janice added: “I’m really worried. It’s dire. Nobody seems to want to listen to me.”

A county council spokesman said: “We appreciate the resident’s concern about the sharp bend on Tower Hill and the speed of traffic in the area.

“However, there are already warning signs in place, so we do not consider there is a need for more, and data shows average speeds approaching the bend are low.

“Also, there is a Traffic Regulation Order currently being processed to reduce the speed limit to 30mph.

“This has received objections, so it will need to be considered by the North Horsham County Local Committee at its next meeting on 16 March, 2020.”

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