Web portal linking olive oil buyers to Spain launched in Horsham

Fincalink olive oil (submitted, photo by Jara Varela).
Fincalink olive oil (submitted, photo by Jara Varela).

The UK’s first web portal linking buyers directly with independent Spanish olive oil producers has been launched.

Based in Horsham Fincalink opens the door to the Spanish estates that produce some of the world’s finest olive oils, rich in health-protecting antioxidants.

Consumer interest in olive oil is growing in the UK, yet misconceptions still remain about where it originates from and who produces it according to Fincalink’s founder Javier Asensio.

According to him much of the oil available in the UK is of a poorer standard and is a blend of oils, where there is no requirement from the supplier to state all the countries of origin that go into the final product.

He explained: “This must change.

“Suppliers should have an obligation to olive oil farmers to state where the oil they are selling is produced.

Javier himself is firmly rooted in an oil-producing tradition - his family has harvested olive groves in the Andalusia region of Spain for generations, and by dealing direct with Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) areas, he offers premium single estate oils without the premium prices attached by supermarkets and specialist food outlets.

For more information visit fincalink.com