Trio rebrand linseed oil family firm

High Barn Oils rebranding as The Linseed Farm (photo by Andrea Sarlo).
High Barn Oils rebranding as The Linseed Farm (photo by Andrea Sarlo).

From October family-run High Barn Oils, based in Barns Green, will be known as The Linseed Farm as it ploughs a new furrow in the healthy eating market.

The change marks a fresh direction for the company, which was originally set up as a farm-based mail order business in 2000, selling linseed oil and meal.

According to the owners deliciously wholesome, added-value food lines will soon be available, too, and under its new name The Linseed Farm will branch out onto the high street for the first time – initially selling through the Carfax’s Crates Local, which opened last week.

Founded in 2000 by farmer Durwin Banks and his sisters Wendy and Gay, the company presses linseed fresh to order, locking in the goodness for customers who value its nutritional properties, while chefs have praised it for its superior taste.

Durwin, a passionate expert on how essential fat, such as Omega 3, works in the body, is confident the re-launch will significantly raise the profile of the benefits of Linseed, which is one of the few foods for which cholesterol-lowering claims can be made under EU regulations.

Durwin’s enthusiasm for optimum nutrition and the role linseed has played in it down the centuries, extends to a personal collection of fascinating memorabilia and the farm boasts displays of artefacts from old adverts to a 1913 linseed tin.

The trio hope the rebranding will kick-start a busy autumn and winter for the company, with The Linseed Farm visiting a wide range of trade exhibitions that celebrate the diversity of home-grown food.

High Barn Oils will officially launch as The Linseed Farm on Monday October 14.

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