Taylor Made Uniforms enters the big time

JPCT 010313 S13100035x  Horsham. Zoe Taylor the tailor. School uniform supplier  -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 010313 S13100035x Horsham. Zoe Taylor the tailor. School uniform supplier -photo by Steve Cobb

A businesswoman is celebrating after becoming an official supplier to Millais School for Girls, Horsham.

Zoe Taylor, 37 of Glendale Close, Horsham, started Taylor Made Uniforms as a home-based business offering excellent customer service to parents seeking school uniforms.

It was born out of her frustration buying her son Zak’s first uniform which proved far more difficult that it should have, she believed.

“I just found it a really prehistoric way of going about getting a school uniform and I questioned isn’t there anybody else who could do it?” said Zoe.

“But there wasn’t, so I looked into it and started doing it myself.”

Over the first couple of years Zoe became an official supplier to a number of local primary schools but hit the ‘big time’ last week when Millais came on board.

“I am overjoyed that all hard the work I was putting into it is finally paying off.

“It is a big school of 1500 girls, and it will now progress me onto doing more big schools.

“We are now going on into the big time,” she said.

Taylor Made Uniforms now works with 12 schools and clothes nearly 3,600 local children.

Zoe offers private fittings in her home at times that suit parents with young children, as well as an online ordering and a free delivery service.

“I am still competitive and cheaper than other suppliers because I do not have the overheads.”

But with success Zoe does not discount moving to a more formal premises in a year or so if her business continues to experience good growth.

“You have to faith in your business,” she said.

“I said I would do it and do it the way I wanted to be treated when I was getting my school uniform for my child.

“With running a business it is all about taking a risk and going for it but thankfully it has worked.

“It has taken three years to get to where I am now, and a lot of hard work, time and effort -but it has paid off finally.

“Sometimes you get despondent that it is not going to work. Is it going to grow enough and will you able to get more schools?

“So you do get times when you question is it all worth it, will I make any money?

“But now its finally starting to pay off and our reputation is going before us.”

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