Sussex Chamber of Business Matters Awards

The Sussex Chamber of Commerce aims to provide first-class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes.

As the accredited Chamber for the county, we have the added support of being a part of the British Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to support and develop the growth of the Sussex economy, through 4 keys areas.

We help businesses “grow”. We open the door to new business opportunities through our networking events, forums and social events, allowing you to grow your connections and provide

you with new business. We provide support services which offer discounts and valuable advice.

There are sponsorship opportunities to champion events and promote your business to a broader audience, and a referral scheme to show our gratitude to our members and to spread the word and the benefits to a wider community.

Businesses can “develop” through our training courses to increase skills and knowledge, and develop future leaders.

Furthermore, the Chamber is developing a brighter and better future by piloting

Young Chamber to connect schools and local businesses, to give young people a voice to engage with business and experience a greater understanding of the workplace and future employment opportunities.

The incentive for business is to have input before young people enter the world of work; providing them with a real understanding of the opportunities available and the skills, aptitudes and attitudes that business needs. Employers can raise their community profile, creating a

positive image amongst young people and their families.

“Discover” new markets internationally. Unearth export prospects through our international trade forums and training courses.

The Chamber can provide business with the chance to have their views represented at the highest

level of government. Have a voice and “influence” legislation, policy and decision making.

As a Chamber member, you’re well connected.

The Business Matters Awards is a fantastic way to recognise and reward successful businesses and professional individuals.

Celebrate your achievement and be part of the awards. Sussex is recognised as a key economic growth area for the South of England and your support helps ensure that Sussex is a vibrant place for business.