Short-term room rentals on the rise

HOMEOWNERS in West Sussex are increasingly likely to rent out spare rooms rather than leave them gathering dust, a website has revealed.

The recent increase in short-term room rentals in West Sussex has been attributed to cabin crew and tourists traveling to and from Gatwick.

Website has seen a 54% increase of bookings in West Sussex in the last year and claim this is due to airport staff training or being based at an airport where accommodation is not easily available.

CEO of, Stephen Rapoport, said, “It’s natural that non-London demand is being driven by airports.

“Hosts are earning roughly twice as much per night as they could renting to a lodger. They also have the flexibility to choose when to rent their rooms out as well as a chance to meet great new people.”

The prices per night for West Sussex start at £25, with a maximum of £50 for Crawley or other locations near Gatwick, and an average of £30 in the Horsham area.

Gatwick airport is only half an hour from central Horsham and Virgin Atlantic cabin crew train in Crawley, usually for four to six weeks.

Those thinking of renting out their spare room online should make sure to check out their guest beforehand to make sure they have similar expectations of their stay.