Science experiments to dazzle youngsters

A do-it yourself Horsham scientist has set up his own business by educating and entertaining kids at schools and birthday parties.

Auberon Mansfield, 20, from Milton Road, attended Tanbridge House School and then the College of Richard Collyer, but decided academia was not for him, so he took the plunge and set up his own business.

He then set up Rocket Science 4 Kids after giving his cousins an impromptu science demonstration, with a bottle of coke and a packet of Mentos.

“I just thought, they are loving this. I could probably make something of this,” he said.

He gets children making bouncy balls out of goo, making exploding rockets at birthday parties or school days.

“I do expand the experiments, making them bigger and better. The louder the noise the more the children seem to prefer it,” Auberon added.

“They love getting involved and asking questions. They get so involved sometimes they forget they’re actually learning.”

Since founding the business he did an access planning apprenticeship with Virgin Media, but is now running the business full-time.

“It’s long days, but it’s getting everything sorted myself without the help of anyone else, putting out flyers. It’s been going around Horsham putting leaflets through letterboxes.”

As he forges ahead with his own business, on the week where students find out their A-level results, he stresses that university is not the be-all and end-all that it is sometimes portrayed. “They will teach you to pass an exam, but it’s not the real world,” he said.

“The last six months I have learned more than I did from Year 7 to the end of college.

“It’s fine for some people, but I found that getting out into the world, also you need to take life by its neck and make something of it.”

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