Programme for ex-offenders to be green business champions

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Social enterprise ‘Work This Way’ has launched a new initiative for ex-offenders in West Sussex to become green champions for businesses.

‘Work it Out’ wants to match its client base of jobseekers with employers in West Sussex who want to gain a skilled and motivated member of staff, support their corporate responsibility targets, cut their business cots, and reduce their business’ environmental impact.

It costs £40,000 to keep one person in prison for one year. On leaving prison, most people make it a priority to find a job.

The Work It Out programme supports motivated individuals, with expertise and skills, who are actively looking for work.

It provides substantial support and advice to employers and its clients throughout the programme and are the single point of contact for all parties involved. All its clients are within a year of their release date.

After discussion with firms, WIO match a client to a business’ vacancy and requirements. If the client has a successful application and interview, they will commence a 60 day work placement with the company.

There is small financial cost to the employer during this `work experience` stage.

In stage two the client remains subcontracted to the company for 60 days paid employment. Minimum wage requirements and costs to be met. Work It Out provides committed support throughout.

For more information contact Harriet on 07581386691 or email