New trade waste recycling service

New trade waste recycling
New trade waste recycling
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All businesses in the Horsham District are now able to take part in a new recycling service launched by Horsham District Council.

Mixed paper and cardboard, glass and mixed dry recycling, similar to the Council’s domestic ‘blue top’ collections, can now be collected and recycled rather than sent to landfill.

The new service follows a successful trial collecting mixed paper and cardboard to establish sustainable outlets for the recycled material.

Over 150 businesses have signed up since the initiative was launched to existing customers in July and the service is now available to all businesses in the Horsham District.

The cost of disposing of trade waste in landfill sites is rising due to increases in landfill tax, the mechanism designed to achieve EU landfill and recycling targets.

Landfill tax for trade waste will rise by £6 per tonne to £72 in April 2013.

Reduced charges for recycling collections could assist in off setting trade waste charges which are increasing significantly due to the escalating disposal costs for waste.

As over half of business waste is recyclable, switching to recycling makes increasing financial sense, as well as improving the environmental impact of local businesses.

Cllr Andrew Baldwin, Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said, “We are delighted to extend the recycling collections to businesses throughout the District.

“The new trade recycling service is a cost effective way for local businesses to improve their green credentials and I hope many will take the opportunity of joining our new trade recycling initiative.”

The Council is happy to discuss individual requirements and is keen to tailor the service to meet the needs of each customer.