New location sought for village post office

Pulborough post office
Pulborough post office

Frustrated residents have voiced their concerns after Pulborough’s sub post office closed just days before Christmas.

This comes only six months after opening in a convenience store in Lower Street, but a spokesperson from Post Office Limited said that services in the village would resume ‘as quickly as possible’ in a new location.

A Pulborough resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he cannot understand the decision to close the sub post office in Londis at such a crucial holiday period.

He explained: “The village needs a post office.

“Pensioners who rely on the service and can just walk into the high street won’t be able to get to the next nearest one, which is either Coldwaltham or Billingshurst.

“Now it’s a pain for me to have to drive to Billingshurst and pay extra for parking just to use their branch”

But management at the Londis store said it was ‘too much pressure’ for them to continue the service from 7am to 7pm, and confirmed that Post Office Limited is currently looking to relocate in the village.

They said that as subpostmasters, they earned a commission based on the profits made from transactions, but this proved to be difficult with a recent drop in sales that is evident across the UK.

Another village resident, John Wright, believes a prolonged closure will create problems for those who collect their benefits and cannot travel.

He said: “Quite how those who collect their benefits or use postal facilities and do not have access to travel to go to these other offices are meant to carry on is a mystery.”

The sub post office was previously run by Magnum MBC Stationary and Office Supplies in the same street until 2011. Some residents have expressed a desire to see the service restored there once again.