Man with brolly guarantees good weather to customers

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A Handcross hot-tub and pool seller is guaranteeing a warm end to summer and early autumn, giving customers £5 back for every day it rains.

Alex Kemsley, managing director of the Waterstream Group, based in the Handcross Garden Centre just off the A23, is so confident that the UK in for an Indian Summer, that he is guaranteeing the sunshine for anyone who buys a pool or a hot tub from them for over £6,000 between now and the official end of British Summer Time, or he will pay some of it back in hard cash.

In what has arguably been the perfect storm for seasonal businesses, namely a depressed economy coupled with the worst summer weather on record, the young entrepreneur is sailing a trend-bucking course through it all with their latest, rather unique, proposition.

Mr Kemsley said: “No, we’ve not gone completely mad. But we are so confident that it’s going to be glorious between now and midnight on October 28, that we’re going to give back £5 for every day it rains to anyone who buys a selected pool or hot tub between the date of their purchase and the end of BST.

“We’ve been told that we could potentially be giving back a lot of money, but it’s a bit of fun and encouragement for all our staff to be out every day doing a sun dance.

“It’s also to highlight that hot tubs, in particular, are at their most invigorating and enjoyable when used in showers of rain or snow.”

Clearly there is some small print, but the essence of the promotion is that if the Met Office, to ensure it’s all fair and above board, record any precipitation during a 24-hour period in the customer’s postcode, they get £5 cash back for every day that happens between the time of their purchase and the end of British Summer Time in October.

For more information visit or call 08444 870 595.