Lighting company delivers World War Two memorial

Suggs Lighting company in Horsham's Foundry Lane.
Suggs Lighting company in Horsham's Foundry Lane.

A Horsham lighting company has helped build a new World War Two memorial unveiled by the Queen last month in London.

Sugg Lighting, whose assembly factory is based in Foundry Lane, constructed the light fittings for the site, in Green Park, built to commemorate the 55,573 who died serving in Bomber Command between 1939 and 1945.

Part of the light fittings and columns were built in Horsham with all parts assembled in the town.

Mark Jones, operations director for Sugg, said: “The whole project involved everyone with the factory. Needless to say we are extremely proud to be involved with such a prestigious and worthy project.”

Established in Westminster in 1840 at the forefront of lighting technology, the company later moved to Crawley and then Horsham five years ago.

In 2008 it received a Royal Warrant to become the “Heritage Lantern Manufacturer and Refurbishment Specialist to Her Majesty the Queen,” and is working on refurbishing the majority of lanterns in Buckingham Palace that it originally supplied in 1911.

Sugg has some history with lighting in Horsham as it provided all the lighting, both gas and electric, in the parks and Carfax, working with RSA to install 50 new lanterns in the Chart Way area.

Involvement in the Bomber Command Memorial began five years ago, as Sugg worked with architect Liam O’Conner, with designs for the columns drawn from nearby lighting stock by famous early 20th century architect Aston Webb.

The main lantern was made in factory, with patterns for castings and the castings themselves all manufactured in Sussex, while the columns came from Turkey and the Bronze columns from Scotland, before being shipped to Horsham for final assembly.

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