Invisible hearing aid comes to Horsham

A REVOLUTIONARY hearing aid from global manufacturer Phonak is now available in Horsham, one of only 16 centres across the entire UK.

South East Hearing Care Centres has expanded its Lyric provision to its newest branch in Horsham, which is the only dedicated centre in Sussex.

Lyric is placed deep inside the ear canal by a trained professional and then worn 24/7 for up to four months at a time.

Unlike conventional hearing aids, there is no daily insertion or removal, and no batteries to change. It can therefore be worn whilst showering, sleeping, talking on the phone and even whilst swimming.

Resident audiologist and managing director Rob Davies said: “We are so pleased to be able to bring Lyric to Horsham because we believe it is the only truly invisible hearing aid currently available.

“When people think of hearing aids they think of those big beige bananas they saw on their grandparents which whistled and more often than not, spent most of the time in a drawer rather than being worn.

“Lyric is changing that negative connotation because it demonstrates how hearing aids have evolved alongside all other modern technology. Today hearing aids are much more powerful and infinitely more discrete.

“As Lyric is currently the only extended-wear hearing aid, we feel it is very important we are able to provide it to the general public. With the addition of Lyric at our Horsham centre, we are providing greater service coverage to the South of England.”

For more details call South East Hearing Care Centres on 01403 218863, visit the Horsham branch located in the Bishopric or the website