HOMEMADE sausage rolls, breakfast muffins and a curried pizza are just some of the snacks served by Horsham’s newest food company - HungerStop.

The truck, loaded with an assortment of hot and cold goodies, will be visiting offices, industrial estates and building sites across Horsham, Southwater and Broadbridge Heath.

Local businessman Ben Hollands, along with his wife, hope to launch the company later on this month.

Mr Hollands said: “We consider ourselves different from our competition because we make a lot of the hot food ourselves using carefully selected ingredients.

“Our sausage meat and sausages are supplied by ‘Bangers Galore’ who are a Horsham-based award winning sausage makers. The quality of their sausages and sausage meat is second to none which is reflected by our amazing sausage rolls and hot sausage and egg breakfast muffins.

“Our secret weapon is our Sri lankan lamb curry pizza.

“We have a Facebook and Twitter page so we can keep all our customers up to date with special offers and new products.”

He added: “We both feel it is very important to try new things and not to let the current financial crisis put anyone off from setting up a new business.

“We have both lived in Horsham for most of our lives and really appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from everyone we know.”