Hopes for site that makes you cash from your clothes

Summer Shayne of Hire my Clothes (submitted/pic by Jon Rigby).
Summer Shayne of Hire my Clothes (submitted/pic by Jon Rigby).

A finalist in Young Start-up Talent, which is supported by the County Times, now hopes to take her business to the next level.

Summer Shayne, from Crawley, founded Hire My Clothes two years ago and now after much planning there are plans to extend the site to South Africa.

“The idea came from when I had my prom two years ago and I was looking for a dress to hire,” explained the 17-year-old.

“After prom quite a few of my friends then wanted to sell their dresses – but people can hire out their clothes and make more money from doing that numerous times rather than just selling it once.”

The site, www.hiremy clothes.com, allows you to make cash from your clothes by listing hidden gems that may be collecting dust in your wardrobe to hire or even to sell.

Summer’s father Mark said: “We are in fact going to be moving it to South Africa. We’ve got a company who wants to run it from there and in the next two months we will adapt it.

“I am very proud of Summer because the idea is excellent. I think it has a huge potential but it will take a bit of time to get off the ground.”

Hire My Clothes has various categories including designer wear, sports wear, baby wear, kids clothing for things like out-grown school uniforms and that all-important dress section for prom and wedding season which is just around the corner.

On average, the site gains one or two users every day and in the last month has seen it go up by 50 additional people registering.

Summer, who hopes to do a business course following her A-levels in May and then go on to university to study business and marketing, is pleased with her website’s ever-growing popularity.

She said: “I think it’s really good that I’ve done it, it’s something out there that no one else has done and I’m hoping it will hit off soon.”