Cooperative film exposes toxic flying

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A feature film to be made in and around Horsham aims to expose a ‘scandal of epic proportions’ that has potentially affected millions of people worldwide.

A Dark Reflection is the latest project of Southwater-based Fact Not Fiction Films, founded by former British Airways captain Tristan Loraine, after he was forced to retire on ill health grounds.

The very issue he says ended his flying career is the same scandal his latest film will address - the serious and ongoing health and flight safety implications from exposure to contaminated air in aircraft.

“I lost my medical certificate to fly as an airline captain due to exposure to contaminated air on commercial aircraft in 2006,” said Tristan. “I am not alone - passengers and crew around the world have suffered like me.

“Some are no longer with us. This is a scandal of epic proportions. I want to ensure the solutions that exist and which could protect everyone who flies become reality, not just dreams.”

Once produced Tristan hopes the film will have global ramifications for the airline industry and its passengers. And the cooperative model he is using to make the feature film will also add to the impact.

“Don’t underestimate how much this will influence airlines and the regulators when they see that people are willing to come together and make a film on a cooperative basis to get this issue sorted.”

Actors, crew, suppliers, service providers and cash investors are all coming together to help produce A Dark Reflection, which starts filming in June. They will all own the film in proportion to their contribution or investment, and will share in any profits .

Many local businesses and including the County Times, Coco’s, Crickmay Chartered Surveyors, South Lodge Hotel, Berkeley Homes , as well as Horsham District Council have already pledged support.

But the project still needs more cash investors, service providers and crew.

“If you have direct film industry experience that would be great, but you may also have appropriate experience from another industry, for example people management, catering, wardrobe or make-up?”

“A film is like running an army and for nine weeks the army needs to be supported.”

Tristan said you only live once, and the more we can achieve in that time, the better. If you wish to be involved visit