Cooperative film approach to expose a global scandal

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A Horsham film company is taking an innovative approach to the funding of its latest venture which it hopes will expose a global scandal.

Fact Not Fiction Films was established in 2006 by Tristan Loraine from Southwater, the week after he retired from British Airways due to his health being ‘adversely affected due to exposure to chemicals in the workplace’.

Ever since the 51 year old film maker has campaigned to have the issue of toxic air infiltrating commercial passenger jet cabins exposed and fixed by the industry.

Although the company has already produced documentaries on the problem, Tristan hopes his thriller entitled ‘A Dark Reflection’ will have more impact.

However, he also believes a cooperative approach is the best way for the small company to make the feature film.

“It is really the fairest way of making a film,” said Tristan after expounding on the more usual industry models.

“Everybody who works on this film will at the end put in their bill for what their contribution was worth, based on union industry rates, and when we finish the film we will tally it all up and they will then get shares in the film in proportion to what they put in.

“So the people who make the film own the film,” said Tristan.

Like many of Fact Not Fiction Films’ projects, the Horsham community will be closely involved with the film, including the County Times which will feature strongly in the plot.

Other companies and businesses are also being invited to take ownership of the project and contribute in whatever way they can, whether in costed services or direct investment.

Various film credits will be given for differing donations with full details available at

Cast and crew volunteers need to commit to ten weeks of filming starting this summer.